Our Communities are part of a unity created on social media, we take pride in what we created in this virtual world, come join us!

What is most unique about the city of Campbellton? The people, the events, the astetically pleasing scenery and of course the Restigouche River experience!

Our Restigouche SM Network


VIOP Server for Voice Chat

Our voice over IP Server allows users to connect and touch base with those around them. The server is localised and will draw in mostly local users looking to chit chat.

Our Own WIFI Network

The idea is complex but simply put we are looking to setup an internal wifi network that has services within that imitate real internet services. 

SSL Encryption for all blogs

SSL Encryption has been enabled for this blog and any others related to this project.

Blogs & a Voice

Although this here is one blog, there will be others that are created to help manage certain projects and community causes.

Our Team

Second in command, Bringer of peace and harmony, Pet enthusiast , Healer of sorts.

Jessica Dunn

Tech guy , Social Media Person, Citizen Sensory, Wise quotes, Poutine Tester.

Michael Landry (Mikey)

Third in command, voice of reason, bringer of critical analysis, reddit guy.

Eric Fournier

Campbellton Mayor, Public Relations, Marketing Strategist, General guru.

Stephanie Anglehart Paulin

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“To draw you must close your eyes and sing” – Unknown

About us

Were here to help index what Campbellton really is. This blog is a good start.

Our mission

Spread awareness and connect people.

Our offer

  • Technology
  • Tools
  • Networking