Although any laptop or desktop can be converted into a OpenWRT compatible access point, we are currently experimenting with certain chinese based openwrt routers, they range from 25$ to 60$ or more in Canadian Dollars. Soon we will determine which ones give the most bang for their buck and from there we can really start creating something amazing. 



  • WordPress
  • Apache2 Webserver
  • PHP7
  • MySQL Databases
  • Mumble VIOP Server 

Network Software:

  • OpenWRT
  • DD-WRT

Our Wifi Mesh Network Project


Wifi Technology

We will use the most effective least expensive technology to create this network. This process will take some trial and error but will yield best results.

Soical Media Connectivity

Using social media we are able to collaborate and really map things out in an organised way. Connecting us to potential node hosts who can help expand this network across Campbellton.

Internal Services

The idea behind focusing on internal services is to reduce/eliminate bandwidth costs and promote content creation on a local level.